Billboard Sound - Indie Artist Sami Chohfi Talks Globe Trotting Tours and New Single “All Over Again”

Sami Chohfi is an independent singer/songwriter who has quickly grown into one of the most exciting up-and-coming acts.With a unique sound that fuses acoustic guitars with electric guitars, Sami Chohfi’s music takes the intimate and raw feel of the singer/songwriter genre and turns it up a notch. The result is an energetic and soulful style of music that Sami Chohfi describes as “melodic rock.” He has risen to the spotlight in recent years following an impressive streak of singles, including “Little One”; “The Awakening”; and his latest single “All Over Again”, a soft and hopeful love song inspired by many years in a long distance relationship. 

Riding this streak of success, Sami Chohfi has been quite busy, and has tours booked across the United States, Brazil, and India. That’s why we felt very lucky to have the opportunity to speak with Sami Chohfi in an exclusive interview. Check out the transcript below, where Sami Chohfi talks about everything, from his new single “All Over Again” to his upcoming tours around the globe! Click here for full article