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While much in Sami’s life has evolved, one thing that has
never changed is that he belongs to the world
of music. At the age of 14 Sami heard Nirvana’s “Smells Like
Teen Spirit” and immediately started pleading with his mom
to buy him his first electric guitar. Chris Cornell, Radiohead,
Stone Temple Pilots and The Smashing Pumpkins continue
to be some of Sami’s greatest influences.

As a songwriter, Sami finds inspiration in many different ways; occasionally
his songs even come to him in his dreams. His versatility as a musician can be seen in the two different styles of touring he is currently engaged with. In his solo acoustic performances, Sami is a master at connecting with his audience taking them on a soulful journey through love and tragedy, always leaving them with a ray of hope. In contrast, his high-energy performances with his melodic rock band, Blue Helix, have the audience on their feet, moving with the pulse of the music. His ability to connect with his audience, whether acoustic or rock, is truly magical.

Sami demonstrates his prolific songwriting prowess and his
ability to find hope in the midst of struggle on
his debut solo album, Extraordinary World, which is set to
release in late 2019. Sami is currently touring Brazil,
showcasing both solo acoustic and rock performances.
Plans are currently in motion for a North American solo
acoustic tour for Extraordinary World beginning September


I believe an artists lyrics should be a reflection of his/her soul. I want my words to connect with fans on a personal and emotional level, which is why I try writing songs with complete vulnerability and honesty. Being a singer and performing musician is all I know.

Other Projects

I am the singer/songwriter and proud Frontman of International Rock Band Blue Helix. I wanted to express a more raw and pure side of my creativity which is why I am writing songs in a completely different Genre then what I do in Blue Helix



Randall Radic - Medium

“It’s Just Me” is beyond time in the sense that emotion is beyond mathematics, genuine, visceral and, most significantly, human. There’s an intimacy to the song, a warm innocence baring the luxury of emotional commitment. -Randall Radic 

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