XS Noize - VIDEO PREMIERE: Sami Chohfi "Serenade the Darkness"

“Serenade the Darkness” rolls out on a Latin-tinted melody riding an alluring undulating rhythm. Chock-full of sensuous textures topped by Sami’s longing timbres, the lyrics echo the burning desire of passion amalgamated with the throbbing anguish of heartache. At once…

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An Extraordinary Journey for a less than Ordinary Artist

"The best songs are unified experiences. Unified means that every element of the composition receives the right amount of attention and the resulting effect is that this is one of the more complete musical experiences you’ll enjoy in recent music…

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Lazie Indie Magazine

Sami has a pristine voice that conveys incredible emotion. His song Dirty Your Soul conveys the message to stay positive even though life may scar you.

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Seattle Music Insider

"It is clear that this artist can stand alone with a mic and a guitar, raw and vulnerable, and put on an even more captivating performance".

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Rolling Stone

The Rolling Stone writes Lyrically, Chohfi – also songwriter with Washington rock band Blue Helix – presses for retaining hope and wonder in oneself and to “fight for a better tomorrow.”

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Singled Out: Sami Chohfi's Dirty Your Soul

Anti-Music Article: If I could give my younger self advice, I would tell him this: "While life might bruise your body and dirty your soul along the way, you should remember to always find hope in yourself and fight for…

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